Company Settings

The Company Settings menu provides you the ability to update your ClassIT company preferences and synonyms.

Company Preferences

The Company Preferences page provides you the ability to allow/disallow users within your company from creating synonyms.

Allow User Synonym When this is enabled, users within your company can create synonyms.
Save Click Save after you change your company preference settings.
Edit Profile Opens your company profile so you can change your company's contact information and settings.

Company Settings Page

Company Synonyms

On the Company Synonyms page, you can add, edit or remove synonyms.

Add Synonym Click on this link to add a new synonym. This opens two fields. Enter your search word in the User's Word field. In the Search Text field enter the word you want ClassIT to search for when you enter your word.
Edit Click on this link to edit a saved synonym.
Delete Click on this link to delete a saved synonym.
Cancel Click on this link to discard the changes and exit editing mode.
Save/Update Click on this link to save the changes you made to the synonym.

User Settings Page

Note: Updates to the synonyms takes 5-10 minutes before its reflected in search results.